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Het is tijd om eens ruimte te maken in mijn uitpuilende kasten. Meer info over de boeken is te vinden op mijn catawiki shop.


Queen & Country (Set van de eerste 7 bundelingen in gelimiteerde HC)  €70

30 Days of Night (1e druk, gesigneerd door Niles & Templesmith) 20

30 Days of Night: Dark Days 7.5

Absolute Authority Volume 2 (Millar & Quitely) 50

Archief Franquin HC, Omslag iets verkleurd 15

Batman: Child of Dreams HC 15

Batman: Harvest Breed HC (George Pratt) 10

Batman: Hush 2 HC (Jim Lee) 10

Batman: The Chalice HC 10

Big Clay Pot 5

Bigg Time, A farcical fable of fleeting fame 5

Books of Magic 7.5

Creature Tech 7.5

Daredevil 3 OHC (Bendis) 15

Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith (HC, genummerd en gesigneerd door Smith, Quesada & Palmiotti) 50

Goddess (Ennis) 10

Gotham Central: In The Line Of Duty

Green Arrow: Quiver (Smith) 10

Green Arrow: Sounds of Violence (Smith) 10

Happy Endings 5

Hellblazer: All his Engines HC 10

Kingdom Come HC 10

Kissing Chaos  5

Marvels HC (Gesigneerd door Busiek & Ross) 50

MK Punisher vol. 2 (Ennis) 15

My Own Little Empire 5

Orbiter HC (Ellis) 10

Road to Perdition 5

Sgt. Rock: Between Hell & A Hard Place HC (Azarello & Kubert) 10

Son of Superman  HC 10

THB 6 A-D (Paul Pope) €40

The Best of Spider-Man 1 OHC (Straczynski, Bendis, Milligan) 10

The Originals HC (Gibbons) 10

The Punisher: Welcome back frank OHC (Ennis) 15

The Spirit 2 HC (Cooke) 5

Tommysaurus Rex 5

Trenches 5

Wimbledon Green - The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World HC (Seth) 5

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia HC 10

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