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Zoek Iemand Die Mijn Potloodwerk Inkt, Lettert + Inkleurt


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Passionate amateur or semi pro artist needed for inking, coloring and lettering of a European style realistic comic  of about 100 pages. The project will consist of doing the job over a period of about 2 yrs time. As soon as 5 pages are pencilled by myself, the  collaborator  I hope to find will receive them and must do the job of 5 pages in 2-3 weeks time. I seek someone with experience in inking and coloring. Who's able to work in Photoshop or Manga Studio. A tablet (Cintiq) inking technique would be an advantage as my pencil artwork is rather full of grey spots of gumming. The album will be printed as a quality European soft and hardcover comic book on A4 format. So it could be ideal as a reference for beginning artists. Interested artists can mail me bene@bene-strips.be to  make me a quotation and send some work. Important is that your style fits mine and that the emotions in the comic are enhanced by the inking and colors. I am willing to pay a certain price.  Considering the number of pages, the project can be interesting. I will pay every time I receive the finished part (of 5 pages). 


Zie een paar potloodklare blzn.

Gewenste afwerkingsstijl: in de aard van de strip 'Een nacht in Rome' van JIM


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