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Comic (Tp) Sets The Boys,chew,unwritten,irredeemable,...


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Te koop, comic TOPreeksen ;-)

enkel te koop per set. bij verschillende sets nog een beetje korting mogelijk...



SET the boys : 89 eur.

The boys vol 1 The Name of the Game

The boys vol 1 2 Get Some

The boys vol 1 3 Good for the Soul

The boys vol 1 4 We Gotta Go Now

The boys vol 1 5 Herogasm

The boys vol 1 6 The Self-Preservation Society

The boys vol 1 7 The Innocents

The boys vol 1 8 Highland Laddie

The boys vol 1 9 The Big Ride


SET chew  65 eur

Chew vol. 1

Chew vol. 2

Chew vol. 3

Chew vol. 4

Chew vol.5

Chew vol.6

Chew vol.7


Set Irredeemable  95 eur


Irredeemable vol 1

Irredeemable vol2

Irredeemable vol3

Irredeemable vol4

Irredeemable vol5

Irredeemable vol6

Irredeemable vol7

Irredeemable vol8

Irredeemable vol9

Irredeemable vol10


Set The unwritten  95 eur


The unwritten vol 1

The unwritten vol 2

The unwritten vol 3

The unwritten vol 4

The unwritten vol 5

The unwritten vol 6

The unwritten vol 7

The unwritten vol 8

The unwritten vol 9

The unwritten vol 10


Set The exterminators  45 eur


The exterminators vol 1

The exterminators vol 2

The exterminators vol 3

The exterminators vol 4

The exterminators vol 5

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