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Auto's met keyless entry kunhnen gemakkelijk owrden opengebroken.

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Er is gewoon op alle niveaus van onze maatschappij veel te veel blnd vertrouwen ins sptitechnologie.





He said: "I was given the line by Mercedes that if I double tap my key when locking the vehicle it will be safe as the key does not transmit. For me that was standard practice, I had known about this function, the key was on the third floor at the back of my house.


"I believe people are being misled when manufacturers say vehicles are even more safe. According to my insurance there had been more than 10 cars stolen with keyless entry in my postcode in London alone , in that month."


How keyless theft works


Thieves, normally working in pairs, will target a car parked outside a house.


One criminal will hold a device close to the car that boosts the signal meant for the key, while the other thief will stand close to the house with another device that relays that signal to the key, fooling the system.


Once the cars have been stolen, they will be stripped for parts, police say.


Car manufacturers have begun introducing new technologies to prevent keyless theft, such as motion detection technology.


What Car? was unable to break into cars that had motion detection installed as a safety measure, however the technology is not available across the car market.


Niets staat in de weg! :cheerf2:

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