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"This is what my eyes see my love unfettered by the shackles of time: You shall meet enemies three, but none more dangerous than yourself in your full glory. They are shades of evil, good and of neutrality given life and twisted by the laws of the planes. You shall come to a prison built of regrets and sorrow, where the shadows themselves have gone mad. There you will be asked to make a terrible sacrifice my love. For the matter to be laid to rest you must destroy that which keeps you alive and be immortal no longer. I know that you must die... while you still can. The circle *must* come to a close, my love. You were not meant for this life. You must find that which was taken from you and travel beyond, into the lands of the dead. I do not doubt your ability to raise from the dead. I do believe that every incarnation weakens your thoughts and memories. You claim you have lost your memory. Perhaps it is a side effect of countless deaths? If so what more will you lose in successive deaths? If you lose your mind, you will not even know enough to realize that you cannot die. You shall truely be doomed. I shall wait for you in death's halls my love"

-Deinoarra, Planescape Torment

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Met het winteruur stilaan in zicht:



Liefdesbrief van een Duitse ambtenaar
Kurt TUCHOLSKY (1890 - 1935), uit: Ernst van Altena, Randfiguren


Kohiernummer 69/218
Alhier, heden
1. Mijn gevoelens voor jou zijn niet veranderd.
2. Jij staat vanavond, zeven uur dertig, bij de achteruitgang van de dierentuin, zoals gebruikelijk.
3. Voorgeschreven kleding: groene japon, groene hoed, bruine schoenen. Het is aanbevelenswaardig een paraplu mee te brengen.
4. Avondeten te acht uur tien in Gambrinus.
5. Nadien kan het te mijnen huize waarschijnlijk tot tederheden komen.
(getekend) Bosch

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