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Hello everyone,

My name is Filip Andronik and I'm an comic artist/illustrator from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I've been working as a comic artist for 18 years now and in that time I've developed two very different drawing styles. 

1) Realism
The big editors prefer "realistic" drawing style and so I had to learn to draw like this if I was to find work. 

I love the style and I'm currently employed at DELCOURT, publishing house from France, working on a series of book about WW2 tanks. 


2) Caricature
But, what I also like to do is to in draw in my own, personal, funny, caricature style. Now, this is the favourite style to draw as I'm a huge fan of humour and parody. Unfortunately, not that many publishers are interested in this kind of work.

So, I'm looking for any help from you guys in finding a publisher or scriptwriter in order to work with comics in this "personal" style of mine. Do you know a magazine to which I could submit my work? Or maybe a publisher for whom I could illustrate scripts. Or a children books publisher to whom I could submit my portfolio?

I do have some personal projects (like "Amnesia, superhero with memory loss problem - see it below) but I could draw whatever he/she wants. I could illustrate a story by somebody else, I don't mind (I've been doing it in "realistic" style for a couple of years now).

Here, let me show you my work and any help/info from you is more than welcome. 

First off, I'll attach some drawings of my "realistic" style. 
Pencis are done by me, inks by my friend Senad Mavric and colors by Jean-Paul Fernandez. 

The comic is called KRIEGS MACHINE and comes out in late summer/early autumn 2018.










Ok, now for my personal work. First stop, "Amnesia, superhero with memory loss problem" - it's a parody of superhero comics. It's in black and white but It can be colored for publishing (as one page suggests).






And here are some of my most recent works. For numerous clients. They are in Bosnian language and also not complete. It's just for show, either way.








You can find more of my work at www.supermanesia.com

Thanks in advance!

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Oh man, if we had answers to these questions, we wouldn't be spending time here on the forum.


Anyway, if you need a publisher, just google "comic publishers submissions" and CAREFULLY read what you need to include in your proposal. 

I see that some of your works are in French as well. So you could even contact companies like Dargaud, Le Lombard...

Seen the details that you have put in the tank (SO FUCKIN' AWESOME) they might offer you a deal as an illustrator for other titles.


As for a scriptwriter, I'm one myself and if you have a proposal you can always send me a PM...

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Thank you for your comments. I'll pass the compliments on tanks details to the inker Senad Mavric who is a much bigger "geek" regarding the military vehicles then I am. 

I know how it works finding a publisher. As I said, I'm already working for DELCOURT in France. 
I was just curious if maybe someone here knows some publisher who is into this kind of caricature work. You know, like "there is this publishing company ____, try showing your portfolio to them". Since I'm not from that part of the Europe and I have no idea where to start looking.
Thanks in advance :)

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Really like the caricature style. Your realism is obviously great work, but not really my cup of tea. 


Finding an editor in Belgium or The Netherlands in this style might be hard. Depends on your financial demands I guess :) Perhaps http://www.silvesterstrips.nl or indeed Eppo. 





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